You may be wondering about the cost of commissioning a picture. My charges depend to a great extent on two factors, the required size of the copy and the degree of complex detail in the original. As you will appreciate, producing a faithful copy takes a considerable amount of time, at least 100 hours for a typical head and shoulders portrait.

To give you an indication, I may charge around £1,500 for a typical head and shoulders portrait, which would normally be about 20 x 25inches; a half-length with hands might be £2,500, given that the size would be, say, 40 x 50inches and the background would tend to be more detailed. A higher price would be charged for larger paintings with more detail or, for instance, several figures.

A good quality illustration such as an auction-house or exhibition catalogue photo is what I would require as a basis from which to work, the original picture being usually unavailable. However, I always try to have a sight of the original when that is possible, in order to assess the extent to which the photo is a true representation.

All copies are painted in top-quality oils on linen canvas of the exact size required. I can also arrange for framing, which is not included in the figures mentioned above. In most cases I am able to obtain reconditioned old gilt frames of the appropriate size. Otherwise I can arrange for modern or reproduction frames to be supplied.

If you are interested in having a particular painting copied, in the first instance please use my contact form and leave your details. I may then ask you to email or post me a photo, indicating the required size of the copy; I would then be able to give you a firm quote. I usually take 50% of the agreed fee up-front and the balance on completion (no VAT!).